Sell Gift Cards for Cash!

Buy and Sell at our Pawn Stores in Jackson

Sell those unused gift cards for cash. There’s no point hanging on to something you don’t want when it can earn you money. You can use the cash to tide you over the difficult times, like to pay bills or put it towards other important household purchases. Make your gifts work for you.

USA Pawn has three stores in Jackson that will buy and sell your forgotten gift cards. Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Bass ProShop, Walmart, Office Depot, Academy Sports, ToysRUs—we purchase so many different types. Just bring your cards over for a valuation. We will give you a fair price for them. Our stores in Pearl, Canton and Vicksburg will also buy gift cards.

Get real value for your money

Many people are stuck with gifts they don’t want or need. If the gift has a monetary value, as is the case with a store card, why not trade it in and get something you really want? Look around our pawn shop while you are here. We have a huge inventory of items from furniture and tools to jewelry, electronics, toys and baby items. It’s also much cheaper than purchasing them elsewhere. Our staff will assist you in finding the right fit for your budget.

Take a short term loan against your gift certificates

Want a short term loan till you get back on your feet? We can help! We’ll hold your cards that were once gifted to you for 14 days, just as we do with all the other items we buy. You can pay back what you owe and get your cards back in the specified time frame. You don’t always have to sell them.

Honest and professional service

As a member of the Mississippi Pawnbrokers’ Association, you can rely on us to deliver honest and professional service. Our staff is always ready and willing to help. They will promptly attend to your needs.

At USA Pawn, we buy and sell almost anything you can imagine. You can also bring in other items you might want to sell. In business since 1991, we pride ourselves on paying a fair price and delivering a satisfying customer experience.

Sell gift cards at any one of our pawn stores in Jackson, Mississippi. We have 3 locations to serve you better as well as stores in Pearl, Canton and Vicksburg.

If you would like to learn more about our services, the items we buy and sell, or the way our process works, please give us a call at 601-939-1842.