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The Premiere Gun Pawn Shop in Jackson is USA Pawn

Buy/Sell/Pawn GunHaving been in business for a long time, we know that there are a lot of impressive firearms collections in the area. For this reason, we are always interested in taking a look at the various weapons that our customers have to sell or trade. In addition to this, we believe in providing top dollar for pistols, rifles, and other weapons, because we’re interested in continuing to cultivate our reputation as the best gun pawn shop.

If you’re interested in selling one of your guns and using that cash to purchase another firearm, then why not bring your items down to our Jackson pawn shop? We’re interested in guns of all shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Antique firearms
  • Military-grade equipment
  • And more!

When you bring your weapons in, our highly qualified pawnbrokers will offer a fair value for your firearms. You can then decide if you would like to sell or trade in your weapon for one of the many different ones that we have in our inventory.

We Sell New & Used Firearms, Too!

In addition to purchasing guns from our customers, we also deal firearms from our extensive collection. In it you’ll find new and used weapons from a variety of leading firearms manufacturers. Unlike other pawn shops, we strive to offer tremendous value for the pistols, rifles and shotguns that we sell, so you’re unlikely to find a better deal anywhere else.

So, why not come in and browse our impressive collection of firearms? You could even bring in one or some of yours, and we could work out a trade. If you’d like more information about our collection or the rates that we offer before you stop in, then just give us a call at (601) 939-1842!
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