History of Pawnbrokers

At USA Pawn, we’re proud to be part of one of the longest standing professions in the world. In fact, you can trace broking back to the earliest days of civilization. They’ve been the patrons of some of the world’s strongest monarchs as well – Henry V of England famously pawned his jewels to finance wars on the Continent. Today, pawnbrokers still provide essential services to those in need of emergency cash, and also buy, sell and trade items of all types and descriptions. We’re proud of our profession’s rich history, and equally proud to be your preferred pawnbroker shop in Mississippi.

The Rise of Today’s Famous Pawnbrokers

For long ages, they were just business owners, but that’s changed today. In fact, there are some very famous faces in our profession to hit reality shows like Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars. Both reality shows highlight the inner workings of today’s pawnshops, although they’re worlds apart in terms of geography and clientele. A few of today’s famous pawnbrokers include the likes of:

  • Rick Harrison – Pawn Stars
  • Chumlee Russell – Pawn Stars
  • Corey Harrison – Pawn Stars
  • Les Gold – Hardcore Pawn
  • Ashley Gold – Hardcore Pawn
  • Seth Gold – Hardcore Pawn

With names like that in our industry, we’re doubly proud to be one of the leading options in this area/industry.

About Us

USA Pawn is happy to buy, sell and trade almost anything of value. While you won’t find any of the famous faces listed above working behind our counter, we’re friendly and dedicated to treating all of our customers fairly and honestly. We buy, sell and trade:

  • Musical instruments
  • Silver and gold jewelry
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Tools
  • And more