How It Works

Do you need cash now?

Unexpected expenses happen to everyone: a flat tire,a prescription for a sudden illness, an increased electric bill – the list is endless. Banks and traditional loans are typically designed for large, long-term expenses and investments, whereas a pawn loan will provide you with immediate cash, based on the value of items that you already own. If you need extra money, and you have items that may qualify for a pawn loan, visit any of the USA Pawn locations where our qualified associates are waiting to serve you.

Pawn Loans

Below is an example of how a pawn loan works: Emily is in need of some extra money. She takes her ring into a USA Pawn store to inquire about a pawn loan. After inspecting the ring, the USA Pawn associate offers her a $50.00 pawn loan for the term of one month. Emily agrees and her ring is stored in a secure safe for the term of the loan. Within a matter of minutes, Emily leaves the store with cash in hand. After one month, Emily has the choice of either repaying the loan with interest (a total of $62.50), or extending the loan for another month. The process is quick and easy.

As an alternative to a pawn loan, USA Pawn may agree to purchase an item outright as a one-time cash transaction. If you own items that you no longer use or need, you may be able to trade them in for cash. Stop in to any of our locations and speak to a USA Pawn associate for more details.

Safe, Legal Transaction

USA Pawn is regulated by the MS Department of Banking and Consumer Finance – the same institution that regulates banks in Mississippi. To sell something to USA Pawn, or to borrow money from USA Pawn, you must first have proper identification – a state issued driver’s license or a state issued ID.

The MS Pawnshop Act requires:

  • a photo ID (which can be a military ID or passport)
  • a social security number
  • proof of date of birth
  • proof of address

Protecting Consumers Against Stolen Merchandise

Did you know there are laws in place to protect you, the consumer, against stolen merchandise? The MS Pawnshop Act of 1993 requires us to report everything that comes through our doors to local police departments. At USA Pawn, we go a step further. We report all of our transactions to an online resource used by law enforcement officials in every state called Every morning, USA Pawn uploads this information to a database that only law enforcement can access. If you have an item that has been taken from you DO NOT contact your local pawn store. The best thing you can do is file a report with the police and hope that your stolen item isn’t sold to a weekend “buy gold” operation, antique store, jewelry store, flea-market, or second-hand dealer. These operations do NOT file reports with law enforcement authorities.