Tips for Buying and Selling Musical Instruments with Pawn Brokers

Have you been longing to learn how to play the guitar? Maybe you have always envisioned standing up on stage as the featured violinist with an orchestra. Then again, perhaps your drum set from your big-hair band days is sitting in your garage gathering dust. No matter whether you want to buy an amp or sell your marching band clarinet, learning a few tips will help you get a great deal.

5 Suggestions to Get the Most from Your Trip to Your Mississippi Pawn Broker

Before you head out the door to sell or buy an instrument, take the time to prepare for your experience.

  • Research Is King: There are two areas to think about when buying and selling: the value of the instrument and the reputation of the pawnshop.
    • Know the value of your item or the type of object you want to buy. Get online and research the current prices for your make and model. Walk into a music store and ask them to evaluate your guitar or violin. Learn what the selling points are and even what the flaws can cost you.
    • Know the value of the store. If you have never utilized the services of a pawn store, ask for referrals or do some research. Visit the store and talk with the employees. Get a feel for the vibe of the business.
  • Take the Time to Clean It Up: No one wants to pick up a dusty, grimy flute. Get a better offer when you take a little time to clean up your items. So, dust off your guitar, polish your flute and tighten those violin strings before you head to the shop.
  • Even the Store Needs to Make a Profit: Just like any other business, the pawn store is there to offer a service and make a profit. Do not expect to get the full value of your instrument. The store will assess the value of the item and determine how much they can resell it for. They will then offer you a percentage below the sale amount.
    • It Is Acceptable to Negotiate: The shop may offer you one price, but you feel it is worth just a little more. Feel free to ask for a little You never know; they may meet you in the middle! On the other hand, if you think that Yamaha flute is overpriced, ask if they will take less.
  • Study the Piece Thoroughly: Even if you find your dream vintage guitar, take a moment to study the piece closely. Look for signs of damage. Pay attention to the scratches and dents. Consider if you will need to put more money into the article and if it is worth it.
  • Play the Instrument If You Can: Even if you left your hard rock band days behind, you would know a good sound when you hear it. Ask to play the instrument to determine its quality.

Enjoy Great Deals at Your Mississippi Pawn Brokers

Whether you have unwanted instruments, you are in a bind for quick cash, or you want to pick up a new hobby, check out USA Pawn. Our staff will evaluate your guitars, flutes, trumpets, or clarinets, and give you a fair retail price.

Prepare your unwanted items today and visit a USA Pawn location near you to start selling.For more information, you can reach us at 601-501-PAWN(7296).