Spring is a Perfect Time to Clean Out the Attic and Visit Your Local Pawn Shop

Spring is a time of new beginnings with flowers blooming and trees budding. Many of us itch to break out the motorcycle or pull the top off the convertible for a beautiful Sunday afternoon ride. Others shine their boats in hopes of reeling in the “big one” on their first fishing trip of the season. Before you head out to enjoy the sunshine, there are generally a few chores that need to be taken care of. Yes, the dreaded spring cleaning list!

What better time of year to shake out your throw rugs, pull out appliances for a thorough scrub, and tackle that overstuffed attic or garage. Once you start dragging out old bicycles, lawn mowers, or other unwanted items, what do you plan on doing with them? You can definitely toss out those that are broken or rusted. You can send some items to donation centers. Another option worth considering is to take your valuable wares to a local pawn shop and get some cash that you can use.

Everyone Has Something to Sell—Don’t Forget Old Musical Instruments!

You might not believe that you have anything worth selling at a pawn store, but that is not necessarily true. Every homeowner can find something worth trading in. Let us help you identify these items:

  • Musical Instruments: Are you an empty nester? Were your kids in the band? Dig out those flutes, drums, and trumpets. Grab that guitar that you have only been hanging your ties on or the saxophone that is collecting dust in the attic. Now is a great time to recoup all those music lessons you paid for. All our locations buy and sell musical instruments.
  • Power Tools: If you were in the construction trades or love woodworking, you probably have more tools than you need. You may not need 5 cordless drills cluttering up your workshop. Why not pare down your collection and get a fair price for your equipment?
  • Jewelry: While in the middle of your spring de-cluttering, go through your jewelry box and see what trinkets you no longer want. Have an old ring that doesn’t fit? What about the earrings or bracelets that are out of fashion? Even if you do not want to sell your wares outright, you can get a short-term loan for these.
  • Rare Coins: Ah, Uncle Albert’s trunk! You have held off inspecting the insides for fear of finding dusty old pirate’s clothing instead of gold doubloons. Go ahead and take a peek. You might chance upon a rare coin or two tucked in his pirate’s hat that you can make some money from.

Recoup Your Money at  Our Pawn Shops in Mississippi

Profit from your spring clear-out this year when you take those musical instruments, power tools, or other unused items to a USA Pawn location. For almost 30 years, our stores have served Jackson, Mississippi, and surrounding areas with short-term loans. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with everyone who walks through our doors. Grab your unwanted wares today and head over to a store near you to get the best deal.

For more information, you can reach us at 601-501-PAWN (7296).