Recycle Treasures at Jewelry Pawn Shops in Jackson, MS

Browse around the web for recycling and upcycling, and you are bound to find a variety of unwanted home items that are transformed into functional pieces. T-shirts are turned into reusable shopping bags with just a pair of scissors, a needle, and thread. An old 70’s end table can be stripped down and repainted into a Lego® worktable. Just about anything can be transformed from its tired, dusty state and resurrected into a beautiful, usable work of art. Why not visit a jewelry pawnshop in Jackson to take your upcycling to a whole new level?

Do you have old earrings forgotten simply because they have gone out of style? Stuck with a collection of pendants from broken chains and necklaces? Instead of discarding them into the dark corner of your dresser, why not transform them into something new and valuable?

Three Tips for Hunting out the Right Jewelry at Your Local Pawnshop

Before you head down to the first shop you come across, keep these tips in mind:

  • Research for Authenticity: Do not buy and sell used items without researching. You might end up feeling uncertain about the quality of the treasure trove before you. Take time to find a worthy deal. Search the internet for good customer reviews. Ask friends and family who have experience in pawning items. Learn as much as you can about the worth of jewelry to build your confidence before walking into the shop. Understand the quality of diamonds. Look up the price of gold in the market. Hold good quality 14K gold to know what it feels like.
  • Keep Your Options Open: Part of the excitement is the hunt itself, so while you may be searching for emerald earrings, you may find an emerald necklace instead. The goal is the gem and what you can do with all the components. Look for quality over aesthetics.
  • Ask for Credentials: If you are not sure about the worth of a piece of jewelry, ask the associate for certifications or appraisal documentation. If required, take the item to an appraiser yourself to verify the quality and authenticity.

Many Rewards of a Renewed Piece of Jewelry at a Jackson Pawnshop

Upcycling is a smart way to unleash your creative juices. After browsing through your jewelry box, stop at one of our locations to check out the huge selection of diamonds, gems, gold. and silver jewelry.

Not the artistic kind? Trade your unwanted jewels for some quick cash when you bring your pieces to our brokerage. Our dealers will assess your items and give you a fair retail price.

Grab your unwanted trinkets today and head over to a USA Pawn location near you to start selling.

For more information, you can reach us at 601-501-PAWN(7296).