Pawnbroker Shops Are More than Just Reality TV They Are a Time-Tested Tradition!

You have probably spent an evening or two watching reality television, such as a few episodes from Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn. It can be quite interesting to see what treasures people pull out from their homes in the hopes of either taking out a short-term loan or selling items outright. As you watch Chumlee aggravate Rick on Pawn Stars, have you ever wondered how the system works? Have you considered the history of this profession and how it all started?

It might surprise you to learn that pawnbroker shops have been around for thousands of years. As far back as 3,000 years ago, ancient China developed a method of providing short-term credit to  peasants. Even European monarchs in the Middle Ages utilized the services of money-lending families like the Lombards of England or the Medicis of Italy to fund wars.

USA Pawn has a long, rich history of buying, selling, and lending an array of items from electronics to power tools, jewelry, rare coins, and more. Our courteous staff works to develop a loyal customer base by offering fair prices for your items.

How the Process of Pawning Works

When the banks failed during the Great Depression of the 20th century, people turned to these institutions to make ends meet. They exchanged their Sunday suit for a little money to use while the clothes got a good cleaning. On payday, they would redeem it in time for Sunday services. Even though times are not quite as tight as the 1930s, people today still utilize this service. Here is a basic breakdown of how the process works now:

  • Require a loan: The need for a loan can vary widely from a medical emergency to unexpected car repairs.
  • A variety of items you can trade: Stores like USA Pawn will provide loans on a wide range of items. We buy, sell, and trade valued possessions like musical instruments, silver and gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, guns, tools, and even electronics.
  • The importance of a reputable store: By working with an established store that has a strong track record, you can feel secure knowing that you are getting a fair offer for your wares. If you come to any of our locations, we assess the value fairly and let you know the exact amount you can receive.
  • Get cash immediately: After receiving your offer, you can choose to accept the cash right away. Then head out with the money to take care of your emergency at once, assured that your belongings are in a safe place for the duration of the loan term.
  • Redeem your item later: Once your term is up, you can take the required funds back to the store and get your item back. If necessary, an extension can be worked out to suit your convenience.

Instant Cash for Your Short-Term Needs

Take advantage of a short-term loan like your ancestors might have done for thousands of years when you visit your pawnbroker in Mississippi. It’s a time-tested, trusted tradition.

Do you have items to sell outright instead? We are always looking for new inventory to add to our stores.

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