Looking for Last Minute One-of-a-Kind Gifts? Head to Your Local Jackson, MS Pawn Shop

Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, unusual birthday presents, or a fun Boss’s Day present, check out the choices available at your local pawnbroker. USA Pawn has locations in Jackson, MS, where you can expect to find a vast inventory of bargains and one-of-a-kind items on Tuesday and new pieces by Friday. Because `we are in business to help people get a quick loan or cash in exchange for their possessions, the options are endless. You might even find a leg lamp as seen in the Christmas Story to send to your great-nephew who is renting his first apartment!

Four Reasons to Shop at a Pawn Shop for Your Gift Giving Needs

Before you head to your big box store, check out these four reasons why you should visit us instead:

  • Bargains Galore – No matter how much a big brand chain may rollback their prices, you are still faced with paying retail for items. In contrast, we buy and sell used items, so you can get like-new items at a fraction of the cost of the big retailer down the street. Looking for budget-friendly electronics? Find a variety of your favorite brands like Apple, Sony, or Samsung at fabulous prices.
  • Something for Everyone – Each person in your family is unique. How can you satisfy their tastes without going to dozens of stores? Our variety store is the answer! Find power tools, musical instruments, guns, and jewelry. Everyone can get something they like without you having to run yourself ragged.
  • Speaking of Jewelry – The jewelry shop in the mall has to pay high store fees; thus, their prices reflect that. Also, chain stores seem to carry the same ho-hum styles that “everybody” is wearing. Find unique pieces of jewelry at our pawn shop. You may just find that hidden gem your wife has been begging for over the last few years.
  • Vintage and Antique Items – Yes, some items get better with age, like musical instruments and diamonds. Because each seller is different, inventory remains fluid and eclectic. The perfect breeding ground for finding that antique broach your grandmother remembers wearing to her high-school graduation.

Be the Gift Giver Everyone Talks About

Anyone can buy thoughtless gifts from a chain store. When you shop at a store selling novelty items, you can find those presents that fit the occasion and make you a hit with family and friends. Have an attic full of items that you are tired of weighing down your trusses? Bring them down to one of our locations in Jackson or Pearl, MS. Our friendly and knowledgeable pawnbrokers will evaluate your treasures and give you a reasonable offer.

Stop by or bring in your unwanted items today at a USA Pawn location near you to start selling. For more information, you can reach us at 601-501-PAWN (7296).