Can I Buy Used Firearms from Gun Pawn Shops?

Many people wonder if they can make a gun purchase from a pawn broker. Is it safe?
Is it good quality? What if the gun is a stolen one? These are common questions but remember, these brokerages operate under the regulation of governmental bodies just like any other place that is authorized to sell firearms. As an additional precaution, USA Pawn reports all its transactions to an online resource that only law enforcement can access, thereby ensuring stolen items are not sold through our store.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Firearms at a Gun Pawn Shop

Our store sells an impressive collection of both new and used weapons from a variety of firearms manufacturers. Experienced owners tend to choose a combination of both new and used firearms, as both have their benefits and few downsides.


  1. Less Expensive than Newer Makes and Models: Used guns are going to cost at least 20-25 per cent less than newer ones. The price allows many enthusiasts to experiment with their choice of firearms; something they would not be able to do if they had to buy new ones each time.
  2. Availability of Rare Models: This is a big reason why collectors bank on a trade and exchange store. Many models go out of production and are only found in the used market. Pawn brokers keep a large collection of rare models and other collectible firearms.
  3. Quality Is As Good As New: If you do not mind a surface scratch or two, most used guns are in perfectly good condition. At our store, for instance, we will not buy an item from a customer if we do not trust the quality, because we know we will not be able to sell it further down the line.


  1. Maintenance issues: Some people avoid buying used items because they are not sure if the previous owner has maintained it well. Gun owners who
    are fastidious about maintenance standards may not be inclined to buy used firearms.
  2. Price Difference is Minimal: Used items are great if you get them at a reduced price, but if the discount is not significant, many customers might just opt to buy a new one.
  3. Less Pristine Appearance: If you admire your guns for their looks and shine, then maybe a used one will have less appeal for you. Also, some buyers simply prefer owning “all things new”.

Get a Wide Collection of Used and New Firearms at Our Gun Pawn Shops

Whether you are planning to sell your firearms for some immediate cash, looking to buy a new one, or even considering trading an old one for new, we at USA Pawn are eager to meet with you. We offer an extensive collection of guns, and our prices are always fair.

Prepare your old and used items for sale and visit any of our local shops for a fair price.

For more information, you can reach us today at 601-501-PAWN(7296).