5 Effective Techniques for Trading Jewelry at Pawn Shops in Jackson

Pawning trinkets is not the same as a private sale or selling at a retail store. Instead, you are essentially trading for credit or selling to the facility for cash. Therefore, you need to research and prepare before heading into your local shop.

Luckily, there are techniques the pros use to trade and sell their unwanted items or charms they picked up at a flea market for extra cash.

Knowing these 5 Secrets Will Help You Trade Like a Pro

Before you head out to sell your jewelry to pawn shops in Jackson, like USA Pawn, consider these pro tips:
1. What is it Made From? First, decide what materialyou are working with. Most stores accept platinum and gold, while others will accept branded silver, precious stones, and pearls. Precious metals sell at the commodity price per gram. Research what the going commodity rate is for your precious metal in the general market to get an idea, but realize that your trade will come in less than the productprice. Your pieces should have a karat marking on them, like 10k, 14k, or 18k. These numeric indicators tell you the type of precious metals used to make your items.

2. How Much Do You Have?Jewelry pieces are sold by weight. Use a small scale to weigh your item. Then, you can research its approximate value online.

3. Did You Clean It? Take your items to a professional jeweler for cleaning or clean them at home. Cleaning around the stones of diamond rings, for example, helps highlight their brilliance.

4. Is the Piece Damaged or Complete? Missing stones decrease thevalue, so do not expect full value when you are missing side stones or the center stone. For wedding ring sets, bring the wrap and the engagement ring. The more complete the items are, with fewer indications of damage, the more valuable. While you might feel tempted to repair a damaged ring, jewelry repair in Jackson is expensive and does not yield much when trading. Therefore, bring your pieces as-is.

5. Have You Done a Certified Appraisal? Get a gemological report from a certified appraiser. The more recent your appraisal, the better, because your reviewer works off the latest commodities and rates.

Remember to be Realistic When Trading Jewelry with Pawn Shops in Jackson
Not all charms and trinkets are marketable today. Individual cuts of diamonds, for example, are harder to get value for or resell. Therefore, not all the elements are sellable to your local broker.

Whether you have unwanted jewelry or are in a bind for cash, bring your pieces to USA Pawn. Our dealers will evaluate your objects and give you a fair retail price. For those unwanted pieces, you can earn instant cash. Your broken watches and trinketscan also fetch good value after skilled jewelry repair in Jackson.

Get your unwanted items ready today, then head over to a USA Pawn location near you to start selling.For more information, you can reach us at 601-501-PAWN(7296).